March 15 – 16, 2018 The seminar "Chronic electrical stimulation to restore the functions of peripheral nerves and plexus" was held


Boris Alexandrov, CEO of RostAgroExport

Evgeny Kharlamov, Director of International Relations and Research, Dr. Alexandrov's Clinic, RostAgroExport

Schwartz Anatoly Naumovich, Lead Developer of Dr. Alexandrov Clinic

Igor Belov, Director of Medical Systems LLC

Maxim Piskarev, Chief Financial Officer of Medical Systems LLC

Sergey Evgenyevich, Director of VAL NPP

Tretyak Igor Bogdanovich, the Clinic of Reconstructive Surgery of the Institute of Neurosurgery, Academician Romadanov,

Mikhail Tatarchuk, Doctor, Institute of Neurosurgery

Anton Popov, Associate Professor of Electronic Engineering at NTUU KPI

Andrey Bobrov, Doctor, Institute of Otolaryngology. Prof. a.i. Kolomiychenko NAMN of Ukraine

Valery Ostapenko, Head of the NKP VEL

Gennady Azarov, Chief Technologist of VEL NPP

Piotr Chauffeurs, Engineer-Programmer of THE "VEL" NPP

Ilya Kirpatenko, Engineer-Designer of VEL, Ktn

Aleksey Khokhlov, Software Engineer of VAL

Evgeny Soilruk, Engineer-Designer of VEL NPP

Linnik Nikolai, Engineer-Designer of VEL NPP


Statement schedule

10-30 5 Welcome word Chauffeurs S. E.
10-35 15 Getting to know the project. Goal. The work done. The results achieved. Setting a task. Kharlamov E. Yu.


10-50 40 Electrical stimulation of excitable tissues.

Physical basics

Chauffeurs S. E.
11-30 15 Break: tea, coffee
11-45 35 Use of chronic electrical stimulation in damage to pereferic nerves and plexus. Tretyak I. B.
12-20 10 Experience installing electrodes to stimulate minimally invasive methods M.M. Tatarchuk
12-30 60 Lunch
13-30 30 Invasive electrodes for electrical stimulation and electrosensory Chauffeurs S. E.
14-00 20 Methods and means of processing and analyzing bioelectric signals. Theory, experiment, results. Popov A. A.
14-20 10 Create virtual biological and electrophysical objects and processes using a matrix modeling system Kirpatenko I. N.
14-30 15 Bioelectric system with feedback to restore flashing function in one-sided facial nerve damage Beavers A. L.
14-45 15 Increase the distance of a stable connection with the iplant. Hardware solutions. Soilruk E. E.
15-00 10 Legalization and introduction to the market of high-tech medical products. Realities. Belov I. A.
15-10 15 Break: tea, coffee
15-25 10 Software ways to reduce implant energy consumption Khokhlov A. In the.
15-35 10 The user interface. Overview of tools. Chauffeurs P. With.
15-45 15 Materials and technologies for the production of neurostimulants Azarov G. And.
16-00 10 Use of CNC for the manufacture of honey products. Destination. Linnik N. N.
16-10 Questions. The final word. Chauffeurs S. E.


The archive with reports can be downloaded at the link:

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