VEL was established in 1993 as a company for the development and manufacture of electronics and microelectronics products. 
The company is organized in the squares and with the participation of specialists of the former NGO "Krystal" (N.C. KWASAR, one of the leading manufacturers of integrated chips in the CIS.

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Certificate on the entry of "VEL" nPP into the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine

The company's employees are highly qualified professionals:

  • Electronics designers;
  • Mechanics
  • Micro and electronic technologies;
  • experienced installers and microelectronic collectors.

The company is well known in Ukraine to the main consumers of automation, control and control devices, is a regular participant in international and domestic exhibitions on electronics and electrical engineering.

The company's business activities:

  • The development and production of electronic devices automation, control and control based on microprocessor technology.
  • Development and production of electronic implantable systems for medicine (neurostimulatos).
  • The development and production of pulsed power sources.

The company's main partners.

  • EnergoResource Ltd., St. Petersburg
  • PromService Ltd., Chelyabinsk
  • Branch of KAVELECTROMONT, Rostov-on-Don
  • PRODUCTION and construction company "VAS"
  • Kentau Transformer Plant, Kentau, Kazakhstan
  • Betonmash, Slovyansk
  • AVR, Grand Group, Stavropol
  • Electrospecial Montage, Minsk
  • Alchevsteel Metallurgical Plant, Alchevsk.
  • Ural-Manometer Ltd., Chelyabinsk
  • Rereexport, Kiev.
  • KVASAR-IS DP, Kiev
  • Etalon Ltd., Jubilee
  • Relayexport, Md. Kiev.
  • Roven high-voltage equipment factory, Exactly.
  • Electric Complex Ltd., Perm
  • Institute of Neurosurgery. Ui. A. P. Romodanova AMN of Ukraine. Department of Restorative Neurosurgery, Kiev
  • Electrograd, Crooked Horn
  • "Contactor" software, city Kiev.
  • WAP-BUD Ltd., Kiev.
  • Best Power Ukraine Ltd.
  • RO TPEP, Rostov-on-Don