• The cylindrical four-pin electrode is designed to transmit a stimulant signal from the Neisi-3M generator block, through the transmitting and receiving antennas for four electrode contacts. It is used for SCS (spinal cord stimulation) and DBS (stimulation of deep brain structures).


  • Due to the large number of modifications to the longer and the configuration of the distal part, this electrode has a wide range of application.
  • The small diameter of 1.2 mm makes it easy to carry the electrode through the Tuohi 14G needle.

How to use:

  • The electrode is installed punctured, using the Tuohy needle.
  • The proximal part of the electrode can be connected:- to t
    he connector of the receiving antenna OF the
    NEIS-3m- to the e
    xtension- to the programmable linear connector
    – to the connector of the test stimulant