Electrode cylindrical monopolar

Fig. 1.  Electrode sizes selected when ordered
  • The electrode is implanted into the patient’s body during surgery and is designed to transmit stimulant signals from contact located in the proximal part to the contact located in the distal part.
  • The electrode meets the requirements of GOST 20790, manufactured by a group – 2 mechanical impacts, a type of climate performance Of U.6 at nominal temperature values from 320C to 420C. The electrode is sealed, the outer shell of the electrode is resistant to the effects of aggressive biological fluids and the release of the body.
  • Electrode, in depending on the length of the cable and the distance between the contacts in the distal part, rice. 1, is available in three versions, table.1

Modifications of electrodes

Table 1.

№ n/p Length of l electrode, mm Designation by manufacturer’s catalogue   Mark Modification
1 450 TC1.450 X
2 600 TC1.600  
3 800 TC1.800