Electrode for intraoperative stimulation


  • Electrode for intraoperative EIS-1 electrical stimulations are designed to electrically stimulate excitable tissues human nervous system during surgery.
  • Used in peripheral operations nerves and spinal cord.
  • Allow to identify viable areas of nerve trunks and optimize surgical tactics in each Case.
  • Provides a stimulant supply pulses from the generator.


Electrode for intraoperative stimulation
  • The working part of the flat electrode provide a large overlap area.
  • The electrodes are made of high-quality medical stainless steel
  • The back of the electrodes is covered with silicon organic Rubber. 
  • The shape and size of the electrode handle provides a reliable retention and manipulation of the electrode during electrical stimulation.
  • Electrode pen made from the non-toxic polymer polytetrafluothylene.
  • Flexible conductors with insulation from silicone and a banana connector at the end, provide A quick and reliable connection to the generator.
Electrode for intraoperative stimulation