• Electrodes for intraoperative diagnosis of EID-1 are designed to check the passage of signals in the human nervous system during surgery
  • Used in operations on the peripheral nerves and spinal cord
  • Allow to identify unviable areas of nerve trunks and optimize surgical tactics in each case
  • Allow to determine the boundary of damaged axons during surgery
  • Used both to supply stimulant pulses from the generator and to register electrical potentials in electronneuromyographic research
  • Used for intraoperative electrical stimulation


  • The tips of the electrodes, curved in a special way, provide reliable contact and temporary fixation
  • Electrodes are made of high-quality medical stainless steel
  • The non-working part of the electrodes is covered with an electrically insulating polymer 
  • The shape of the handle is easy to hold during surgery and is made of a strong non-toxic polymer
  • Flexible conductors with silicone insulation attach to the electrodes through the circuits, providing reliable electrical contact
  • The presence of the connector allows you to divide the electrode into a sterile and non-sterile (keyboard) zone
  • All materials used in the manufacture of electrodes allow for multiple sterilization of steam, thermal, chemical, ozone and radiation methods