Experimental samples of Laboratory stimulants have been submitted for testing


  • The laboratory stimulant (LS) is designed to conduct test and intraoperative electrostimulation using multi-contact electrodes.

Distinctive features:

  • 32 channels of stimulation
  • Free confi
    guration of stimulant contact output
  • formation of pulses of positive and
    negative polarity, of different shapes.
  • Stimulation by current and voltage pulses
  • Stimulation with balancing charge.
  • Weekend pulse strains 0 – 10.5 B.
  • Current weekend pulses 0 – 10.5 mA
  • Pulse frequency 2.0 – 980 Hz
  • Pulse duration 50 – 2500 mx.
  • Load impedance control
  • Powered by a built-in battery.
  • Regulator amplitude of stimulating impulses.
  • Built-in myographic amplifier
  • LCD display to monitor t
    he current state of the stimulant
  • Software installed on an external PC, tabl
    et or smartphone.
  • Connec
    t with an external device via Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Saving l
    s’ memory for stimulation and personal bottom patient.
  • The casing and cables of the LS are made of mat
    erials that allow multiple disinfection.