Neurostimulator for test stimulation of NeуSi-3M.TS


  • The stimulant is designed to conduct test as well as intraoperative electrical stimulation using multi-contact electrodes. The electrodes connect to the stimulant through a transition cable with a connector.
  • The stimulant is designed to stimulate patients on an individual program stored in energy-independent memory.
  • The stimulant allows you to modify and store in energy-independent memory modes and stimulation parameters individually for each patient.
  • Connecting the stimulant to a personal computer via a wireless Bluetooth connection allows the computer to change personal data on stimulation modes for patients, store data on the external media and transfer data from the outside carrier in the stimulant.

Key technical data and specifications:

  • The stimulant provides the formation of pulses of positive, negative polarity, as well as the formation of a sequence of pulses with changing from impulse to pulse polarity.
  • Number of contacts — up to 4
  • The stimulant provides stimulation with voltage pulses or current pulses in the modes, respectively: «Tension»; «Talk.» Pulses are attached to an arbitrary pair of contacts. Pulses are served in packs with programmable duration and pause between packs
  • The modes and parameters of stimulation can be changed and stored in the energy-independent memory stimulant for each patient separately. Number of patients: 100
  • The life of the stimulant with a full battery charge of at least 6 hours
  • The stimulant meets the requirements for electrical safety under goST 12.2.025–76