Neurostimulator for test stimulation of NeуSi-3M.TS.PNS


  • The stimulant is designed for electrical stimulation with a transmitting antenna and a receiving antenna with electrodes.
  • The stimulation of patients is made on individually selected parameters stored in energy-independent memory.
  • The stimulant, using an adapter and EID-1 (a tool for intraoperative diagnostics), can be used for intraoperative stimulation.
  • Connecting the stimulant to a personal computer via a wireless Bluetooth connection allows the computer to change personal data on stimulation modes for patients, store data on the external media and transfer data from the outside carrier in the stimulant.

Key technical data and specifications:

  • The stimulant through the transmitting antenna provides pulseformation on two channels of the receiving antenna.
  • The stimulant works in the following modes:
    – work-p
    – communic
    ation with the computer.
  • Programmable parameters of stimul
    ation:- pulse freq
    uency – duration of pul
    ses – amplitude puls
    es – tension in intraoperative stimulation
    – duration of pulse packs –
    pause between packs
  • The stimulation parameters can be changed and stored in the energy-independent memory stimulant for each patient separately. The number of sets of stimulation parameters is 100.