The device «Neysi-3MA» is an upgrade of the «Neysy-3M» and inherits all the positive qualitiesThe “NEIS-3MA” electrical stimulation device is designed for:

  • long-term electrical stimulation of different parts of the nervous system
  • removal of patient pain syndromes with electrical stimulation
  • Recovery function of damaged nerve structures
  • therapeutic stimulation of the nervous system, the purpose and function of which is determined by the doctor
The “NeySi-3MA” kit includes:
  • Generator unit
  • a receiving antenna with a connector to connect electrodes or a receiving antenna with electrodes;
  • Transmitting antenna
  • electrodes in the case of the design of the receiving antenna with a connector;
  • power supply to charge the battery pack of the geneatore unit.
Features of “NeySi-3MA”:
  • “NEIS-3MA” provides high accuracy and stability of stimulation parameters.
  • The Neisi-3MA generator unit keeps 5 modes of operation in the internal energy-independent memory at the same time
  • The amplitude of stimulation pulses can change with the help of a generator block;
  • The stimulation takes place in the current stabilization mode, with automatic programmatic balancing of the stimulant charge;
  • The receiving antenna does not use internal batteries. This makes it as safe as possible (there are no toxic substances that are usually stored in the battery). The small dimensions of the receiving antenna allow it to be implanted in different parts of the body, without discomfort or cosmetic deficiencies for the patient. The resource of the receiving antenna is practically unlimited;
  • The configuration of the electrodes of the receiving antenna can be chosen randomly, which makes it easier to select the optimal parameters of stimulation and allows you to accurately select the place of stimulation
The specifications of “NeySi-3MA”:
  • Dimensions of the receiving antenna: diameter 24.5mm, thickness of 5.1mm.
  • Number of electrodes – 4
  • Maximum depth of implantation of the receiving antenna – 10 mm
  • The configuration of the electrodes is arbitrary, is set by the doctor
  • Electrocution stimulation
  • Stimulation of bipolar and monopolar impulses
  • Stimulation of monopolar impulses occurs with automatic software balancing of charge
  • Maximum voltage of stimulation pulses – 8B
  • Amplitude of stimulation pulses 0.25 – 8 mA, step 0.25 ma
  • The amplitude is changed with the buttons on the Generator Block panel
  • Continuous work time – at least 2 hours after full charging of the AKB
  • Duration of stimulation pulses 50 – 2500 mx, step 10 mx
  • Frequency of stimulation pulses generation 2 – 250 Hz, step 1 Hz
  • The duration of the pulse pack stimulation 0.1 – 360 s, step 0.1 s
  • Pause duration between packets of stimulation 0 – 360 s, step 0.1s
The device for electrical stimulation “NeySi-3MA” was transferred for clinical trials to the Institute of Neurosurgery named after Academician A. P. Romodanova NAMN of Ukraine