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  • Neurostimulator “NEISI-3M” is used in neurosurgery and is designed for long-term electrical stimulation of the posterior pillars of the spinal cord, areas of the brain, peripheral nerves and plexus in order to remove pain syndromes of various origins, and also to restore the functional state of damaged peripheral nerves and plexus, the possible return of sensitivity and the restoration of some functions of the affected organs.


  • The stimulating electrical signal is transmitted to the electrodes of the receiving antenna implanted in the patient’s body, from the generator, using the transmitting antenna, on the radio channel.
  • Neurostimulator “Naisi-3 M” is a two-channel and has five stimulation modes:
    – fixed frequency on the first channel
    – fixed frequency on the second channel
    – modulation of frequency on the first channel
    – modulation of frequency on the second channel
    – modulation of frequencies across both channels
  • The stimulation mode is selected or changed by repeatedly sequentially pressing the Mode button. The patient has the ability to choose a stimulation regimen and adjust the amplitude of pulses. All other parameters of stimulation are set or changed by the attending physician.
  • The duration of the electrostimulation session is prescribed by the attending physician.
  • The NeuSi-3 M neurostimulator is powered by a battery located in the Generator Block.

The main parameters and characteristics of the neurostimulator “Naisi-3 M”

No n/p The name of the parameter Norm
min max
1 Frequency of stimulating pulses minimal, Hz 3 5
2 Frequency of stimulating pulses maximum, Hz 100 140
3 Modulation period minimum T min, sec 0.5 2
4 Maximum modulation period, T max, sec 7 12
5 Output voltage on the electrodes U vy, B, R n’10kOM 3 20
  • The continuous operation of the neurostimulator “Naisi-3 M” in maximum intensity mode – at least 12 hours after the last charge
  • The battery life of a fully discharged battery is no more than 2 hours
  • It is allowed to recharge the neurostimulator after each stimulation session
  • The Neusi-3 M neurostimulator meets the requirements of GOST 20790, is made by group 2 mechanical impacts, a type of climate performance of U2 on GOST 15150 and is designed to work at temperatures ranging from 5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius
  • The receiving antenna of the neurostimulator (implant) is manufactured in the climate version of U6 and is designed to work at nominal temperature values from 32 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius, sealed, the outer shell of the antenna is resistant to aggressive effects bodily fluids and body secretions.

For the clinical use of the neurostimulator, contact the advisory center of the Institute of Neurosurgery named after Academician A. P. Romodanova AMN of Ukraine. 
Telephone: 380 44 483-91-98

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