«NeySi is the only hope for spinal cord injury patients around the world»

Dr. Jan Gouda an Egyptian/American Neurosurgeon said to a crowd of 600 physical therapy professors and students in addition to 1000 more following live on the internet during the 2nd international physical therapy conference, Cairo Egypt, on December 11th 2020.

The benefits of this technology in the treatment of paraplegia is a proven scientific fact for the last ten years; Yet, the other companies are not interested and concentrate only on pain patients with their sky rocketing price.
The Spinal Cord Stimulator made by Well-Medical, Kiev, Ukraine is safe, efficient and affordable at 10 % price of its competitors.

Well-Medical Collaborating with Romodanov Neurosurgery institute and research centers in Egypt are establishing a Clinical Investigation protocol that should lead the way to an international center for the cure of paralysis.

The lecture was a great success.

Lecture presentation: Neuromodulation in Spinal Cord Injury
From page 97 about Ukraine and about NeySi.

Speech on the use of NeуSi-3M for the treatment of paraplegia. Cairo, Egypt. Conference 11.12.2020