TM-2 test module


  • The TEST module TM-2 is used in conjunction with electrodes for intraoperative diagnostics EID-1 and is designed for intraoperative integrated express-testing of the functioning of the system for electrical stimulation Of Neisi-3M, from the external neurostimulator to openly implanted electrodes.


  • Allows intraoperative testing of stimulant impulses from stimulant to electrodes
  • Used with chronic and test stimulation systems
  • Used in operations on the peripheral nerves and spinal cord 
  • Indicates polarity of stimulating impulses applied directly to electrodes
  • Provides visual control of the system for electrical stimulation
  • Small size and weight
  • High mechanical strength
  • Doesn’t require a power source
  • Unlimited working resource


  • Dimensions: 29 × 19 × 8 mm
  • Weight: no more than 8 g
  • Operating temperature range: from –20 to +60 °С
  • Storage temperature range: from –40 to +70 °С