Planetary twisting machine

The planetary twisting machine for the production of stainless steel wire strands was put into operation.

This type of equipment is used for correct geometric stranding into a single core or strand of steel wires with high tensile strength.

The number of wires in a core is up to 7, with one wire in the center. Wire diameter — from 0.03 mm to 0.1 mm. Thanks to the independent control of the rotation of the spindle, satellites and the feed rate of the core, the machine allows you to produce cores with different pitch, with and without twisting.

Machine wire strands or strands are used to make medical parts such as cables, electrodes, leads, stainless steel surgical sutures.

Planetary twisting machine
The figure shows strands with a structure of 1 × 7 made of medical stainless steel 12X18H10T, SS316L, 40K27XHNMsTa of various diameters.
Wire diameter 0.05 mm, strand diameter 0.15 mm.
Wire diameter 0.07 mm, strand diameter 0.21 mm.
Wire diameter 0.1 mm, strand diameter 0.3 mm.

The design and manufacture of the twisting machine was carried out by NPP «VEL».

NPP «VEL» carries out under the order the manufacture of wire strands or strands of various diameters from stainless steel.

Planetary twisting machine